Program for March 28, 2019

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Time Theme/panel title Discussant name and Title Paper Title Researcher Institution
9:30-10:15 [Breakfast]
10:15-10:30 Welcome to Annenberg Dean John Jackson
10:30-12:00 Mobilities & Infrastructural Imaginaries) Rahul Mukherjee –

Dick Wolf Assistant Professor of Television and New Media Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Roots Routes: Japan, Jamaica, and the Global Flows of Vintage Reggae Vinyl John Vilanova University of Pennsylvania
Spectacles of Tunneling in Popular Media Juan Llamas-Rodriguez University of Texas, Dallas
#BeMyGuestWorker Ada Petiwala New York University
‘Don’t Tax My Megabytes’: Digital Infrastructure and the Regulation of Citizenship in Africa Clovis Bergère CARGC, University of Pennsylvania
12:00-1:30 [LUNCH]
1:30-2:40 Affects & Platforms Donovan Schaefer – Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania Contradictory Affects: Participatory Culture and Politics of Digital Platforms Alptug Okten Rutgers
“Specter of Uselessness” in Cyberspace: Take “Jinli Worship” as an Example Yijia Zhu Zhejiang University
Pointing For Pleasure: Sexual Harassment and Emotional Habitus in Egyptian Digital Media Heather Jaber CARGC, University of Pennsylvania
2:40-3:00 [BREAK]
3:00-4:10 Crossovers & Global Circuits Aswin Punathambekar – CARGC Visiting Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor of Media Studies and Founding Director of the Global Media Studies Initiative at the University of Michigan Reversed Ethnography Toward Transculturality: A Case Study of the Korean Wave in the United States Hyeri Jung Eastern University
Resonant Bones: Formats, Bodies, and Qur’anic Materiality in Morocco’s “Recitational Revival” Ian VanderMeulen New York University
From Claymation to Decolonization: Imagined Futures of the Fighting Cholitas Nell Haynes Georgetown University
4:10-4:30 [BREAK]
4:30-5:40 Memories & Temporalities Wazhmah Osman – Assistant Professor in Globalization, Development, Communication & Media Studies at Temple University From the Internet, This is the Radio: Desynchronizing Time & Media to Express Solidarity Sulafa Zidani USC
Hizbullah’s Mleeta Museum and the ends of the Resistance Hatim El-Hibri George Mason University
Bousaadiya’s House: Race and Movement in Libyan Cultural Politics Leila Tayeb Cornell University
5:45-6:00 Closing Remarks Marwan Kraidy, CARGC Director



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